Psychological Assessment/Testing

I provide psychological assessment for adults and children aged 10 years and older.

What is psychological assessment?

Psychological assessment is a process that involves the use of multiple sources and assessment tools to make inferences about an individuals psychological functioning (intelligence, personality, emotions).

A comprehenisve psychological assessment includes:

  • Interview/s with the client
  • Perusal of accompanying documentation e.g. school report
  • Interviews with collateral sources e.g. spouses, teachers
  • Administration, interpretation and integration of an assessment battery. An assessment battery comprises administration of a number of psychological tests and/or questionnaires. Tests included in the assessment battery will depend on the reason for referral. A test battery usually includes intelligence, emotional and personality tests.
  • A detailed report and verbal feedback

Some of the benefits of psychological assessment include:

  • Highlighting strengths and potential areas of growth
  • Holistic understanding of an individual
  • Guidance in terms of treatment/management plans
  • Assistance with diagnosis
  • Ascertaining potential reasons for psychological distress/poor interpersonal functioning

Forensic Assessments/Court Reports

Custody evaluation, parental assessments, personality assessment for criminal matters